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When I turned 49 I realized that I was now just one year away from turning 50 and I was unhappy in almost every area of my life. I decided to RECLAIM myself physically, mentally and emotionally and UNLEASH MY INNER WARRIOR. I wanted to feel LIMITLESS. What did that look like?

Putting up a hard boundary to no longer tolerate a toxic family relationship.

Leaning in to radical personal responsibility about my health and fitness.

It also meant leaving my well paying job that I hated (the golden handcuffs) and embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. Turning 49 was the catalyst for change in my life. I turned my pain into purpose to start living the life I knew deep down I truly yearned for. Now I teach other women to do the same.

As a visibility and expansion coach...

I help women let go of old programming and embrace the woman who they are BECOMING. The becoming process is a journey back to YOURSELF. One of the most important pieces of that puzzle is healing our trauma. We all have trauma, and through my 12 week program and masterminds, we collectively explore what is stopping us from boldly showing up and moving forward. We begin the process of healing and soon the invisible prison we have been living in stats to fall away. We stop trying to outrun our feelings with "busyness" and breathe into a slower, easier, more peaceful life.

I believe in the power of women coming together in a group setting, holding space for each other, connecting deeply and learning from each others wealth of experience. Before engaging in the process I now teach, I had tried every program, read every book, and researched how to change. I have studied personal growth for the last 30 years and I could never make the sustainable change in my life I was looking for. I would always falter, snap back, lose the ground I gained and then beat myself up for it. Then I found MIND MAGIC, tangible tools to make change and the science behind all the personal growth hype.

I am a different person than I was those years ago....

but I am also different than I was a year ago, 6 months ago, even 3 months ago.... I continue to elevate every area of my life, from my marriage and family, to my business and finances. This is the most important work I have ever done and the best I have ever felt.

You simply cannot change your life with old beliefs and thought patterns. You cannot become the WARRIOR WOMAN you want to be if you stay the same. You can't keep running on the hamster wheel and feel good. And what is the point of success if you DON'T FEEL GOOD? HOLISTIC SUCCESS, JOY, PEACE and FREEDOM are possible for you. My own transformation was The only thing that will stop you from becoming a LIMITLESS WARRIOR... is YOU.