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đŸ©· Truly feel the incredible joy, love and connection this holiday season. 

đŸ©· Learn to feel relaxed + rejuvenated instead of stressed and pressured during the close of this year.

đŸ©· Have a plan to navigate the stress, toxic family dynamics and obligations with grace and ease.

đŸ©· Put yourself first during the holidays with ZERO GUILT.

đŸ©·Â Finish the year with a vision and the motivation to have the kind of holidays you've always wanted.

đŸ”„ Join me for a 4-hour immersive holiday survival guide LIVE. Together, we'll reclaim your holidays, ensuring you end the year in radical gratitude and begin the new year with momentum and inspiration.Â đŸ”„










*LIVE* November 19th 9AM - 1PM PT | 12PM - 4PM EST
A 4-Hour Immersive Holiday Survival Guide


*recordings will be available for each session

What's in Store

Hour 1 - Holiday Survival Guide: Arm yourself with strategies and tools to not just survive, but thrive during the holidays.

Hour 2 - Self-Care During Festivities: Discover how to prioritize yourself and embrace a little self-indulgence, because the holidays are for everyone—including you.

Hour 3 - Managing Family Dynamics and Obligations: Explore ways to handle holiday stress and toxic family dynamics, realizing you have the power of choice.

Hour 4 - Crafting Your Ideal Holiday: Wrap up this immersive session by mapping out a strategy to:

  • Finish the year with a heart full of gratitude.
  • Expertly handle holiday stresses and challenging family dynamics.
  • Put yourself first, guilt-free.
  • Design and experience the festive season just as you've always envisioned.

About Liz Svatek!

Liz is a Mindset Mastery Coach, professional writer and story-teller, and a rapid transformational therapist. She is the founder + CEO of Warrior Women Inc, a  personal growth business dedicated to creating real transformation and offering life changing private mastermind groups, acclaimed workshops and retreats for awesome women who want MORE out of life.

Liz's award winning podcast, Conversations with Warrior Women is globally rated in the top 1.5% and her company: Warrior Women Podcasting, has helped other women use their voice and grow their business by launching their own podcast, disrupting the male dominated podcast space.

Liz's 12 week transformational experience, Limitless Warrior: Flip the Script I Change Your Life, has been called a "game changer" and is the only personal development program that teaches the "how", with tangible tools and actionable steps to create lasting change.

What People Are Saying

Expect to fall in LOVE with Liz! She is masterful and has excellent intuition. She will help you look at everything from a different angle, which can open doors you never thought possible. I'm now more motivated. I see the bigger picture and have a new empowered sense of direction.


Liz has a special talent of knowing how to bring women together, women who create space for vulnerability and supportively challenge one another to go deeper and ask hard questions of one another. Being able to gain new tools for self awareness is so valuable, especially for women seemingly have lost themselves in the caring for others needs always above their own. Oh, and Liz will have you laughing and crying in the same breath, reminding you that this is healthiest and most honest way to approach the world.


Liz makes people feel loved and special. She is direct while being hillariously funny, which puts people at ease thus allowing them to feel safe and CHANGE.


As Seen In

When you harness your inner strength during the festive season, the narrative of your holidays transforms. Are you ready to craft your Blissed Out Holiday story?đŸ”„đŸŽâ€ïž

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